Graduating Life "Wonderful" Official Audio

Music & Merch: Spotify: iTunes: Follow Graduating Life Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: "Wonderful" lyrics I wake up in a dirty bed With my neck half-crooked Makeshift pillow underneath my head I need clean healthy oxygen and I don’t have any feelings running through my head It’s wonderful It feels so good to get away (yeah) It just cost me a car and some bills and some gas just to sit on my ass wonder if it’s true what they say life goes by fast probably not cause sometimes it feels like I’m nostalgic about emotions that have no use for me I should be fixed on a goal on a single task Wonderful It’s wonderful Wonderful, I’ll take it to my grave that I’ll Always be the most capable person to be gone without warning from anyplace that makes my body retch Wonderful It’s wonderful Yeah I came here to say it so let’s all face it, this world is wonderful