Persei | Failed to Sync (Official Music Video)

This is the official video for our single "Failed to Sync," off the sophomore EP "Idle Moments", out on May 3rd, 2019. Lyrics: Can’t seem to find the time To rearrange my mind I’m always wasting My thoughts on what I really like to hide Behind these eyes I’m always chasing A life where I feel I could survive Another night What ever happened? I’m so tired of the way That I’ve been treating myself lately Well it’s a fact I won’t answer back When you ask me how’ve I’ve been But that’s ok, I’m led to think My heart and brain have failed to sync But it’s alright I’ve always been out running in hindsight Every night I lie in bed Searching for the road to better trends I’m running out of pavement Can’t seem to motivate myself inside To get things right I’ve become complacent In fact I’ve never had the want or drive My entire life And I guess that’s alright Filmed/Directed/Edited by: Chris Lamonica Photography


Pronounced “Percy-Eye.” ||||||||||||||||||||||||| Sophomore EP, “Idle Moments” available now! ||||||||||||||||||||||| Booking: