BORN OF OSIRIS - Analogs In A Cell (Official Audio)

BORN OF OSIRIS // The Simulation - OUT NOW CD/Vinyl Bundles: iTunes: Amazon: GooglePlay: — ANALOGS IN A CELL // LYRICS: Cut, paste I never mentioned  The outcome to myself Gone, stay the repetition The augments seem to help   Shifting into the curve All I know is i need you I need you by my side Crawl inside I'll never leave you You're always on my mind I need you by my side   Do you know what it means to be human? The baseline universe When will it stop? We are approaching the plateau  At a breakneck pace   Now face the new temptation A gateway to ourselves Bend, crack a revelation  The analogs in a cell   As soon as we thought the system was broken  We finally learned how to force it back down We all altered the signal and discovered the meaning This growing importance of man and machine -- FOLLOW BORN OF OSIRIS FOLLOW SUMERIAN RECORDS