Thornhill - Nurture [Official Music Video]

Taken from Thornhill's upcoming album The Dark Pool, out October 25: Subscribe to UNFD: UNFD on Facebook: UNFD on Instagram: UNFD on Twitter: You’re the only one I think the world of Even the darkest things Need to be loved You stay believing that hope is a cycle Hands up giving your life to an idol Know your part and play it well In time the earth becomes our hell Happy or just distracted? I need to feel Like everything is real I am imperfection You were sent from above Nurture me in love With love You’ve got that medicine And it’s making me sick Hands pulling me down You better catch me quick I need to be sure of you I need to be sure because There must be something more As I enter disease Life's pulling me down Wont you catch me please? Nurture me Black out my eyes Until there’s nothing to spare I’ve been fighting my sleep But you were never there Static creeping and shaping the air I’ve been fighting to see Someone who isn’t there ________________________ Written by Thornhill Produced by Ethan McCann & Jacob Charlton Engineered by Lance Prenc Additional Engineering, Mixing & Mastering by Nick Sjogren Video Produced by Kieran Ellis-Jones Directed by Ed Reiss Concept by Jacob Charlton DOP: Ed Reiss 1AC: Miki Simankevicius MUA: Kate Ryan Editor: Ed Reiss VFX: Kieran Ellis-Jones Cast: Jacob Charlton Asher Charlton Ben Maida Connor Sjogren Ethan Zahorodnyj Mason Bunt Daniel Larry Joyce Northey Miki Simankevicius #Thornhill #Nurture #UNFD