KAMALA - Wake Up (Official Video)

"WAKE UP" (Watch in HD) Release Date - May/2019 From the album "Eyes Of Creation" (2018) Filmed, directed and produced by Felipe Hervoso (FH Audiovisual) Music: Raphael Olmos/Estevan Furlan Lyrics: Raphael Olmos Have you ever realized? That you have the miracle of life? You only want to see the dark side And you can't see that you are the point of light What do you do every day to make the difference? What do you do every day to change your life? Your problems always are the worst You never have time enough You are always running But you can't get out of this same place Wake up Just open your eyes You are the bright side In this miracle of life Line Up: Raphael Olmos (Guitar/Vocals) Allan Malavasi (Bass/Vocals) Isabela Moraes (Drums) "Eyes Of Creation" is available for streaming and download on Spotify, Applemusic, Itunes, Deezer, GooglePlay and many platforms! https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/kamala24 FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/kamalaofficial INSTAGRAM: @kamalaofficial