VALLEYS - Fragile Minds (feat. Garrett Russell)” (Official Stream)

"Fragile Minds" feat. Garrett Russell from Silent Planet. VALLEYS - "Fearless" Out 10.11.19 Pre-order Fearless: Lyrics: I think its time we made this personal How many times can you hide the truth I’m sick and tired of these same old circles What can I do to break out from this groove It’s buried deep inside and all those who feel this will know that what I say is true I’ve been scheming up a plot to plague the masses Knowledge will lift us up it carries the truth Fucking move I can’t stress this shit enough You’re killing her she’s being eaten up In your mal content you hide behind your lies and idolize the selfish pride of your false gods I won’t have a part in this I’ve been dying to find a way out of this dark abyss We’ve found ourselves in When will we seek the truth Looking back on this whole damn world I can see it The end is coming You can get in or get out its your choice Have we lost the hope we once possessed Unable to move forward so we sit complacent in our desires A slave to capital Holding the bones of faith I drag my ragged rusty spade Disinterred, that faithful word My imminent end so well deserved Take me break me, rearrange me Bring me back to the mistakes that shaped me The truth will set me free but not before it’s through with me It’s time we wake up It’s time we see the lies It’s time we open up our hearts and open up our minds There’s something left here I see it inside us all Just take a good hard look in the mirror and embrace the fall This is the calm before the storm The everlasting truth We were meant for so much more Take off the shackles that bind you Reality is far from home I slipped and fell The water then broke my fall We were meant to be the kings of our own design Knowledge will lift us up It carries the truth