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Citadel released their debut album «Zvezdni Put»

Imagem Дорогие друзья!!! Свершилось то, к чему мы шли почти 18 лет 😨, вернее, первые 17,5 лет медленно ползли и последние полгода летели семимильными шагами 🙈 Мы наконец записали и рады представить вам наш первый альбом😇 Всем известно, что как назовешь корабль... поэтому, наш космический шаттл носит гордое название Звездный путь 😎 Но чего он будет стоить, этот путь, без всех вас, наши дорогие поклонники и слушатели 😍 Добро пожаловать на борт! Следующая остановка "Только вперед"! Хотим поблагодарить Илью Абрамова за запись и сведение, Александра Захарова и Романа Валерьева за сведение, Галину Волкову за глубокие тексты, Дмитрия Машкова за необычный взгляд на обычные вещи, Павла Суворова за шикарную обложку, а также Александра Поглазова, Дмитрия Рябовича, Андрея Козина, Алексея Вельба , Юлию Курт и всех стражников Цитадели 😈 00:01 Звездный путь 03:48 В твоих глазах 07:56 Твой мир 11:43

Lost Album By '80s Milwaukee Punk-Power-Pop Band Locate Your Lips is Finally Released!

Provided to YouTube by CDBaby Locate Your Lips For Kenny ℗ 2019 All Songs © Locate Your Lips, © 2018 Happy Growl Records Released on: 2019-01-04 Auto-generated by YouTube.

Locate Your Lips - Tópico

Lost Album By '80s Milwaukee Punk-Power-Pop Band Locate Your Lips is Finally Released!

Locate Your Lips “For Kenny” World Release April 5th, 2019
During the mid-1980s Locate Your Lips made some of the most adventurous music heard in Milwaukee. They were a powerful trio but not a power trio in the classic rock sense. Built around the jazz-schooled yet rock ready drumming of Kenny Baldwin, the empathetic accompaniment of bassist Andy Cavaluzzi and fiery guitar playing by (ex - Shivvers guitarist) Jim Eannelli, Locate Your Lips emerged from the city’s punk rock scene—Kenny owned the Starship club that became its Downtown mecca—but was not confined by it. With the energy of punk and the sophistication of jazz and progressive rock Locate Your Lips broke ground and left audiences unable to p…

The Dangerous Summer - Where Were You When The Sky Opened Up (Official Music Video)

The official music video for The Dangerous Summer's new single “Where Were You When The Sky Opened Up," now available everywhere! ►Shop, download, and stream “Where Were You When The Sky Opened Up:” ►Get it on iTunes: ►Merch available at -- Directed by Chris Grieder -- Lyrics Stay, I need to be myself. I think I’ll go to Austin; Take every road I know, be alone. I’d ask you for forgiveness If I think I could deserve it. I know I lost the one And now I lost the way. Filling that hole in my own chest, Feeling that old and lonely way. Feeling that hold onto my legs, Onto my legs Where were you when the sky opened up? Is that when we died? Is that when we learned to survive? Watch me as I cut through my relationships I hold onto love Then I leave on my own again Wait, I need to keep myself. I think I heard a knocking Of everyone I know still at home. I’d ask them for f…

BURY TOMORROW Live In The K! Pit (Tiny Dive Bar Show)

Bury Tomorrow unleash chaos on this week's The K! Pit. 50 of their biggest fans pack into Blondies in London to get up close and personal with the metalcore heroes. Bury Tomorrow are touring the UK in December at the dates below. Get your tickets here, before they go on general sale! 13: Portsmouth, Pyramids Centre 14: Nottingham, Rock City 15: Cardiff, Y Plas 17: Newcastle, Riverside 18: Glasgow, SWG3 20: Manchester, Academy 21: London, Roundhouse Setlist 0:24 No Less Violent 4:37 The Age 10:29 More Than Mortal 16:05 Knife Of Gold 21:28 Black Flame --- Love rock? Subscribe to Kerrang! LOVE THIS? You'll love all our K! Pits! For more news and features on your favourite rock artists, visit! Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Email: fee…

HECATE ENTHRONED - Erebus and Terror (Official Lyric Video)

Video by Universe Global Entertainment With “Embrace Of The Godless Aeon,” their first record in five years, proving to be one of the best-reviewed extreme metal releases of the year to date, the UK-based symphonic blackened death metal group HECATE ENTHRONED have unveiled a lyric video for the album track “Erebus and Terror,” which features guest vocals by Sarah Jezebel Deva (Cradle of Filth, Therion, Mortiis). While “Embrace...” proves definitively that HECATE ENTHRONED is still as brutal and scornful as ever, the album also shows occasional hints of gothic and ambient influences, and “Erebus and Terror” is a prime example. Says bassist Dylan Hughes, “On an album full of epic tracks, 'Erebus and Terror' still stands out as a monster. Massive and powerful, it creeps between eerie dark chills and huge powerhouse sections that utilize the full armory of soaring orchestras and crushing guitars to deliver a skillfully-crafted song. With the incredible vocal talents of Sarah Je…


The Pre-order of DARKENED NOCTURN SLAUGHTERCULT's upcoming Album "MARDOM" released by WAR ANTHEM RECORDS starts on Monday, February 11th 2019 (12:00 CET) at and more news at OFFICIAl ALBUM RELEASE: APRIL 12th 2019

Party.San Metal Open Air

Nordeath - Pacto do Mal (Official Video)

Hellripper - Vocal Pestilence - Guitarra Lehnsherr - Baixo Possessed - Bateria Letra: No vale da morte o diabo surge em chamas Rituais de sangue sacrificam mais crianças As 3 da madrugada ele irá se reerguer O cavaleiro negro surge no alto da montanha Corpos vivos queimam empalados numa lança Virgens se ajoelham enquanto Hades se levanta Junta-se ao exército ou morra flagelado O sangue de inocentes hoje banha nossas almas (Refrão) Pacto do Mal (4x) Ele irá se reerguer - Ele irá te esquartejar Ele irá te possuir - Sua alma destruir Curva - se ao imperador e faça o pacto do Mal! Faça o pacto do Mal!! Contato: E-mail: Facebook: Instagram: Direção: VM Produções Equipe: Vall Maranhão e Veridiana Siebra

Nordeath Unholy Speed/Black Metal

Phear - Fallen Official Music Video

Official music video "Fallen" by Phear. -Shot/Directed by Michael Cao -Edited by Graham Stirrett Fallen I sit here, in Silence My memories of Violence I search for the reasons Why your unholy I can’t stop this crying Your stories, your Lying You bask in your treason For You’re misguided Darkness consumes me Shrouds my only plea Torments and tortures me I thought I trusted you Heart beats with fear Shoes in the tears I’m crying Trapped in this place Scared of a chance of dying My souls in this prison Trapped by this religion I can’t speak the questions Why your obsession My life is in darkness My nightmares, my monsters I long for an ending To this forever Memories haunting me Unconscious insanity Flashes come back to me When I thought I trusted you Heartbeats with fear Shows in the tears I’m crying Trapped n this place Scared of a chance of dying You fell from grace I wiped the smile right from your face You tried to…

The Offspring - Long Way Home (Smash To Splinter)

The Offspring performing "Long Way Home" live on MTV's 'Smash To Splinter' in 2003. Subscribe: Tour Dates: Official Store: Follow: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Lyrics: "Long Way Home" (Hey) I’m driving down a dusty road (Hey) I’ve got nowhere to go (Hey) No place that I can call my own On and on this road is burning (Break away) I’m leaving all this crap behind (Break away) The past is gone the future’s blind (Break away) Don’t care how long it takes this time On and on I’ll take the long way home The long way home The long way home If it’s for me it’s on the way home (Hey) Like fragments of a broken mind (Hey) I splinter by my own design (Hey) The search is not a waste of time On and on this road keeps bu…


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MIKE ORLANDO (ADRENALINE MOB) Releases "Burn" Performance Video

Mike Orlando guitarist of the hard rock band Adrenaline Mob is releasing his 1st official Instrumental Sonic Stomp DVD! It features drummer extraordinaire Aquiles Priester (Angra, Edu Falaschi - Rebirth of Shadows, Tony McAlpine, Wasp, Hangar, Noturnall), Junior Carelli (Shaman, Noturnall) on Keyboards & Fernando Quesada (Shaman, Noturnall) on bass. Watch Mike & the guys perform 13 killer tracks from his Sonic Stomp releases! The DVD includes full band performances & solo performances as well! DVD Release date is Feb. 1st, 2019!! Pre-Order is available now in the links below! US & International Pre-order: Brazil Pre-order: Sonic Stomp tracks performed include: - Burn - Wheels In Motion - Game Show - Horizons - Full Speed X - Dig It - Cirque De Insanity - A Vision Of You - Shaga Duga - Changes - Sonic Stomp - Throwdown - Jam On It All music written, arranged, produced & owned…