Counterparts "Wings of Nightmares" Official Video

CD/Vinyl/Merch: Spotify: iTunes: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: "Wings of Nightmares" lyrics I’m clinging to the wings of nightmares, detaching every finger one by one. Shaken awake to find our absence hasn’t manifested yet. Longing for a sense of loss. Picking me apart like birds of prey where illusions will depart from unhinged jaws, silent in the presence of your name. Rip the memory from my mind. Perfectly still but somehow running out of time. Keep your distance from the flowers that will decorate my corpse. Undeserving of a chance to watch them thrive. Remove the sickness before it has a chance to run its course. I knew we’d never make it out alive. Clairvoyant only to delusion as you salvage fantasy to fit your needs. You held my lifeless body to your heart and convinced yourself that could feel a pulse. Laying traps beneath my feet, I will chew through to the bone in my desire to be free. Your shadow will keep me blinded by the light living in lies. Allowing fallen petals to turn black, reflecting the colour of your insides.