Vanden Plas - "The Ghost Xperiment" (Official Music Video) #VandenPlas #ProgMetal

Subscribe here for more videos - | From the album "The Ghost Xperiment - Awakening". Get your copy NOW: | “The Ghost Xperiment – AwakenIng” will be available on CD, Vinyl, Limited Edition Color Vinyl, and Digital formats. Fan's can pre-order limited edition, 180g, gatefold, gold color vinyl and merch bundles from Frontiers' webstores HERE: 'The Ghost Xperiment' Music: Stephan Lill / Lyrics: Andy Kuntz I am the ghost inside your mind I´m the phantom you´ve been seeking for years So I´m here the evidence you´ve tried so hard to find I´m the ghost inside your mind I am your paranormal PSI You´ve awaited a lifetime I burn it all I burn it all down I burn the world I burn it all down The final storm lifts me up to fly I´m the ghost inside your mind I am the ghost inside your mind Just a fiction that proves all your doctrine Here I am your paradigm A god-science consequence I´m your gHOST eXPERIMENT I´m a piece of the jigsaw - to see the big picture I burn it all I burn it all down I burn the world I burn it all down The sacred deer sacrificed to die Somewhere deep inside your mind I´m a spirit from out of nowhere A dangerous odic force Once invisible - I unfold myself Take good care and ensure that you Spark a forever glowing votive candlelight Which is burning the nightflies I burn it all I burn it all down I burn the world I burn it all down The final piece you assay to find I´m the ghost inside your mind PRESS RELEASE: Vanden Plas' ninth regular studio production, “The Ghost Xperiment – AwakenIng” is part one of a two part concept album, with the second album to be released in 2020. “The Ghost Xperiment – AwakenIng” continues to underscore the high artistic level of musicianship and lyrical creativity that the band have sustained for so long. Based on an actual documented paranormal experiment, the main character in the story, created by frontman Andy Kuntz, is Gideon Grace, a man who has to fight constantly for his life against the relentless shadows of the “House of Rain” as he wanders through France. Burdened with a heavy weight of sorrow following the agonizing death of his beloved Ivy, Gideon's pain is also his driving force in the war with his demons. He expands his knowledge with books he finds in the library of a German school of metaphysics. It is here that he reads about secret teachers and parapsychological experiments, which become an important foundation from which he can fight against the creatures of darkness. When it comes to the first showdown with said creatures, rather than finding peace, Gideon's battle tears open a hole deep into the abyss of Hell... Musically, Vanden Plas once again offers a perfect combination of heavy and melodic, while the orchestral arrangements here are more in the background compared to the last studio album. At the same time, the quintet comes closer to its original roots, such as “The God Thing” or “Far Off Grace”: more progressive elements in the songs, similar to what one knows from those earlier releases. The six, mostly long, pieces achieve their impressive and fascinating effect through a very band-oriented arrangement, so that the clear and intensive urgency of the songs shines through naturally. The listener is captivated from the start, first by songs that each deserve to be called epic and second through the story told through the lyrics. This recording is once again a product of the band's trusted collaborations with sound engineer Markus Teske at Bazement Studios. “The Ghost Xperiment – AwakenIng” is the first part of a two part series, with “The Ghost Xperiment – IIlumination,” expected to appear in fall 2020. “The Ghost Xperiment – AwakenIng”, a phenomenal long player, once again proves why Vanden Plas are among prog metal's elite class. Tracklisting: 1. Cold December Night 2. The Phantoms Of Prends-Toi-Gardes 3. Three Ghosts 4. Devils´ Poetry 5. Fall From The Skies 6. The Ghost Xperiment Line-up: Andy Kuntz - Vocals Stephan Lill - Guitar Günter Werno - Keyboards Andreas Lill - Drums Torsten Reichert - Bass Follow the "Rock Ain't Dead" playlist on Spotify to keep up with all the new songs we release each week: Connect with Frontiers: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Web -