LIONHEART's brand new single 'VALLEY OF DEATH' off their upcoming album »VALLEY OF DEATH« (OUT NOVEMBER 15th, 2019)! PRE-ORDER »VALLEY OF DEATH« HERE: SUBSCRIBE: GET THE SONG HERE: FOLLOW ARISING EMPIRE: LIKE: FOLLOW: VISIT: FOLLOW LIONHEART: LIKE: FOLLOW: VISIT: Lyrics: Walking through shadows In the valley of death Been looking for a way out I’m lost and I confess Tried to swallow my pride Now I can’t catch my breath Been scratching at the walls Got no fingernails left Takin pills for my depression But it don’t feel different Couple extra when I’m stressing Trying hard to show interest Pain-killers numb the pain but they cloudin’ my vision Prayin’ everyday I won’t pass this pain to my children It’s the long nights and the dark days You say you understand but you ain’t on the same page You ain’t in the same cage You don’t share the same pain Praying to a god That don’t even know my name Devil knockin on my door Tryin’ hard to get in And I done boarded it up But now he kicked that shit in With his Demons in tow And they want under my skin While the ghosts of my past Won’t let me forget sins So I ride Into the valley of death So I ride Into the valley of death And so I ride And though the flame burns my skin I can still see my breath