PARTS PER MILLION Release Official Music Video for "No More Days"

NO MORE DAYS As the lonely man ties the noose Cries to himself, what a fool To allow his soul to run free, Swing real high from these trees I'm numb Been around some days Been around and I dont care And the only Love that holds weight Is the dark and her prey Close your eyes and dream Wade under the awake, safe from real I'm numb Been around some days been around and I dont care Been around the way Been around the same old same Seems I've said it every other way And theres nothing left to say No more days No more place to stay No more days As the others cut him loose Lay him down, no excuse Never free from these chains Never free from this grip Been around some days

Parts Per Million Sigle Artwork with Logo 2019

PARTS PER MILLION Release Official Music Video for "No More Days"

"No More Days" Premiered on PureGrainAudio

September 24, 2019 - Boston based Hard Rock Band PARTS PER MILLION has released the official music video for "No More Days." Originally premiered on PureGrainAudio, "No More Days" is the first single from the band's upcoming EP, The Cycle, and is available to download / stream via The Label Group / INgrooves.
"Boston, Massachusetts's based quartet, Parts Per Million is a fierce group of up-and-coming hard rockers whose Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, and ‘90s-influences sound (among other things) is a fantastic way to ensure an energetic start to your week." - Chris Gonda - PureGrainAudio

"’No More Days’ is a song about the last moments of a broken man before he ends his final day on this earth. A place that is hard to crawl out of, or believe there is a way out from. We will share stories from survivors that are close to us in hopes to bring about a new understanding to this pain.” – Parts Per Million


Music is intrusive, it penetrates the body, courses in the blood, and infiltrates the cells. Boston based Parts Per Million uses each members’ individual rock influences as the catalysts to form a sound surpassing something to be listened to and becomes something to be experienced. Not governed by image or direction, Parts Per Million’s melodic rock intertwines painfully honest vocals and bleeding guitars to generate a sound that inspires both the heart and the mind.
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