The Crashing Brains - Lies [Official Music Video]

“Por causa de todas as mentiras dessa vida - LIES - foi escrita” The Crashing Brains! Com vocês, LIES 👊🏻 Musica/Music by: The Crashing Brains Album: Premeditated / Lançamento Outubro/2017 Direção/Directed by: Thiago Larenttes; Sarah de Campos; The Crashing Brains Fotografia/Photography: Thiago Larenttes Elenco: Lailson Lopes Barbosa Spotify: Youtube: Instagram: @thecrashingbrains ( Lyrics: Alef Silva Melody: The Crashing Brains "Girl Keep Inside, of me Stay Trees Scared me Core Vivid Now Seems Save Storm Someone for me? Lie in a pray Lies on grey Black White Whatever Cry Make Smile Divine Your price Run Increase Pretend Scream Fragile Glass Your pass Denied We, who love We, who love We, who love We, who love We, who love We, who love"