Lyria - The Rain (Official Music Video)

Lyria - The Rain (Official Music Video) Album: Immersion | Get it on iTunes: | Spotify: This song was inspired by an autobiographical poem written by our fan Warren Mayocchi about the Autism Spectrum. You can also find the lyrics of The Rain and Mayocchi's poem in his book "Human: Finding Myself in the Autism Spectrum". ____________________________________________ Special Thanks: Casa Santa Ignez Alan Roque Alex Duca Alexandre Machu Brenda Martins Soto Brian Northcott Daniel Johnstone Dirk Wouters Éric Brisebois Frank Wellwood Glen Diefenbach Glenn O'Keeffe Greg Hanson Jean-Marc Boll Joe Petrafassi John Latsch Juarez Quintanilha Aquino Keith McGillick Max Homsi Pedro Soto Renato Marques Roger Jones Victor Finger Warren Mayocchi _________________________________ Song by Lyria Lyrics by Aline Happ and Patrick Happ Kid: Laura Naylor Make up: Aline Happ Clothing: Aline Happ and Regina Sampaio Music video by: Vinicius Hozara (CS Music Videos)