Grayscale - Young (Official Music Video)

Grayscale - Young From the new album 'Nella Vita' - Out Now Official Store: iTunes: Apple Music: Spotify: Amazon Music: Google Play: Stay connected: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: LYRICS Feel like I’m powering down Pull my plug, I’m ready to go out Get me out, get me out I’m falling Doubled up on pills I take to sleep, but they don’t do anything for me Pull me out, pull me out I’m drowning I'm a man in an unmade bed, breaking apart every word you said I'm so tired of seeing red Said you want to have a graceful end, feel the light burn inside your head My god, we’re sick of seeing red I think I’m better than just giving up in the pouring rain I think I’d rather love than be a heart of stone that can’t be saved Give it all, give it all, give it all Give it all until it all gets better Get it all, get it all, get it all Young blood not going to waste Spend nights here paying my respects Projector scrolls through all we had Get me out, get me out I’m falling Don't let me stay a memory, a song you skip past shuffling Pull me out, pull me out I’m drowning We let everyone slip to a place where they can’t reach the edge, can’t get out of their own way Wicked space where we hide inside, where it rains every day and every night So sing, sing if you have something to say Never gonna see the light if you don’t speak in the first place Sorry eyes, said you’d rather stay asleep, cause your semblance of reality is better in your dreams Do you remember when it wasn’t so hard? Sick of seeing all these kids with their arms scarred Gotta wonder how we let it get this far