Death Cab for Cutie - Blue Bloods (Studio Video)

Directed by Justin Mitchell 'The Blue EP’ is out now: 'The Blue EP’ bundles + more exclusive merchandise: Live Dates: Subscribe for more content: Lyrics: All the east coast blue bloods had come out west And I watched them argue about who loved you the best I was conspicuously of my kind Overdressed but woefully under-refined With a story held together like boulders with a piece of twine Three helicopters circling Retreating and returning Your photographs were on the news And I was there just out of view I was standing with a smile chiseled into my head With a mind in retreat to the places I wished I would have been And when you caught my gaze I turned away And planned an exit like a grand escape As I watched you spinning through the revelers like a cheap ballet These words all sound familiar Convictions of forever You tied a wish to a balloon And watched it fly into the blue But you will find someday soon That it will fall, yes it will fall They all do