Belmont "By My Side" Official Music Video

Merch: Spotify: iTunes: Follow Belmont Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Website: By My Side Lyrics Forced in place Wouldn’t have it any other way Looking for the things to say Forced in place This isn’t how it’s ever supposed to be I’m lying to myself Cuz I hold things back While I preach no cap What a whack mindset What I wouldn’t give to quit Cuz Imma push my luck Till I fuck things up With my mouth sewed shut I can feel the tension From holding all this weight this isn’t who I want to be so selfish honestly I’m stuck in my ways This Feels just like before Found open doors I can’t ignore Stuck running circles like I’m lost in my head I can’t make up My mind is made up sometimes just straight fucked But you’re the only one I really want here by my side I can’t wait up No time to waste up Or get myself stuck When I'm the only one I really need here by my side Push it right back keep yourself fed with the right mindset