Barbarian Prophecies - Path Of The Soul (Official Video) #death #metal #underground #music

Barbarian Prophecies - Path of The Soul official video filmed and produced by 60ráfagas ( this song belongs to our new album ORIGIN recorded at Kollapse Studio ( by Iván Ferro and mastered at Fascination Street Studios by Jens Bogren. ( Actor: Gustavo Fouce "With this video we wanted to translate into images an astral journey to the beyond" Barbarian Prophecies are: Alicia : Vocals Arnt : Guitars Julio : Drums Manuel : Bass Oscar : Guitars Labels: Base Record production Hecatombe Records Lyrics: PATH OF THE SOUL  A whirlwind of images slides him into a dream.  A pull in the void makes him fall.  He hears a loud noise inside his head.  Vibrations shake his body.  Tiredness has overcome the vigil,  giving way to the rest.  He can see himself lying on his bed,  floating in an oniric limbo.  Vivid and ethereal experiences make him wonder;  is it a deceptive truth or an illusion?  His mind is far away from his body,  exploring unknown worlds.  He is trapped in a new dimension,  tied to reality through a silver link.  His consciousness is lost,  aimless and without destination.  He has gone too far,  trying to decode the language of the soul.  Confusion and fear take hold of him.  A whirlwind of images slides him into a dream.  Until, suddenly, he wakes up from that dream without having slept. Band links: https://barbarianprophecies.bandcamp.... Barbarian Prophecies © 2018

Cátia Cunha (Against PR)