Uneven Structure - Innocent (Official Video)

Subscribe to our channel here: https://LBR.lnk.to/youtube "Innocent" is taken from the album "Paragon", released on October 18th 2019 via Long Branch Records. Get it here: https://UnevenStructure.lnk.to/Paragon https://www.facebook.com/unevenstructure https://www.instagram.com/uneven_stru... https://www.facebook.com/LongBranchRe... Video by Igor Omodei Recorded at Babylon Studios Produced & Mixed by Auré Pereira (Flatcurve) Mixing Directions & Mastering by Felix Jeckstadt (Soundgrind Studio) LYRICS: The wet and black stare is pointing to the sky. Filled with trampled and shivering innocence . Everything is there, locked up, in deep sleep. For a long time chained to this ramshackle ship. Let me touch my dream again. The one I wanted to keep. The blond and thin curls are falling on this face. Our laughs are lost in the nowadays gloom. Tears running through time made crevices . Do you really think you can take that away? Oh no you can't, it's a promise, an end in itself. I have been and I am the hero you've never were. I have the power of bliss and happiness. Let me touch my dream again. The one I wanted to keep. I left them, alone in my world. I forgot to leave'em the code. My beloved brothers,forgive me. I have gone astray. I am walking towards you. I'm looking for the way back. I could fly above you long ago. Laugh of everything and.. So much laugh of you. I can still feel the special scent of our innocence. I can still feel the taste of this sweet late afternoon. I bring back both the worst and the best from my trip. But nothing compared to your laughter that I begin to sense.