Frankie Cosmos - Windows [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Close it Quietly (Release day: September 6, 2019) Frankie Cosmos Facebook Twitter Instagram Sub Pop Records Twitter Facebook MegaMart Podcast Subscribe To Sub Pop's YouTube Channel VIDEO CREDITS    Directed by Eliza Doyle and Greta Kline Editor: Eliza Doyle Director of Photography: Hil Steadman Production Assistant: Mar G. McMahon Title card by Ariel Noltimier Strauss Ideator: Annika Berry Prop Angel: Emma Hurst Clown Makeup by Scottie Harvey Starring Greta Kline and Eliza Doyle Appearances: Wheelieman: Marquise Williams Disgruntled Jaywalker: Mar G. McMahon Pedestrians: Olive & Shirley Forgash, Chidi Obieshi, Amina Hassan Beach dogs: Felix & Pachi Harvey Special Thanks to: Molly Walls, Sarah Palatnik, Jed Cohen, Matt Barnes, Sophia Washburn, Owen Kline