Glen Hansard - "The Closing Door" Official Video

Listen to the full album: "The Closing Door" by Glen Hansard from the album 'This Wild Willing,' available now Order at Concept, animation, direction & production Lucija Mrzljak. With special thanks to Morten Tsinakov Lyrics The closing door The end of people His likes no more Go tell it on the steeple The river runs At a fever Just like a drum With no meter The closing door The blue-eyed raven Will sing no more Above the congregation Like Noah’s dove With his burden Above the mighty flood Won’t be returning To the closing door David Cleary: Beat, Sounds Dunk Murphy: Keyboards, Sounds Glen Hansard: Vocals, Guitar Joseph Doyle: Bass Graham Hopkins: Drums Ruth O’Mahony Brady: Keyboards, Piano, Vocals Aida Shahghasemi: Vocals, Percussion Pouyã Khoshravesh: Kamancheh Mãni Khoshravesh: Ney Nimã Khoshravesh: Setar Markéta Irglová: Vocals Javier Mas: Spanish Guitar Eamon O’Leary: Bouzouki Official Site: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: #glenhansard #thiswildwilling #antirecords