DEVOURMENT - A Virulent Strain of Retaliation (Official NSFW Video)

Obscene Majesty is out August 16 on CD/LP/Digital Pre-Order via Here: Digital Downloads/Streaming: Subscribe to Relapse Records Channel: Credits: Director: Michael Panduro Music: Devourment Director of Photography: Fredrik Sundbye Make up effects: Alice Soro Cillara Production assistant: Kenneth Lorentzen Animal wrangler: Peter Karlsson Cast: Edwin Back, Trine Langkilde Editor: Michael Panduro Color grading: Virgil Kastrup Thanks: Lisbet Fredslund Korana Jeleca Roy-Willy Ottestad a camera Official Links: DEVOURMENT on Facebook: DEVOURMENT on Instagram: DEVOURMENT on Twitter: DEVOURMENT on Bandcamp: Lyrics: Architects of detritus devising common filth to contaminate the masses - Destined for eradication. Bow down and hail thy obscene serpentine majesty. Slithering, I sink my teeth in. Viral death delivery. Stricken by my scathing venom. Contaminating veins. Baptized of my vile contagion. Tainted bloodstream - Bleed. Pathogens infiltrate you - Consumed internally. Symptoms worsen, haemotoxins liquefy your body. Massive swellings, weakness sets in, limbs go completely numb. Breakdown of all bodily functions, nerves blown to kingdom come. Sores and oozing pus develop before your heartbeat stops. Envenomation. Paralyzing neuropathic degradation. Immobilized, now dead. Primed and ready - In position to swallow you whole. My jaws come unhinged. Let the feeding begin. Throat fully dilates, contorting around your head. Double, double, toil and trouble. Like a hell-broth boil and bubble. From slaughter to fodder. Rot in my cauldron, boil in the acid. Dissolved to nothing. I bask in the sun. Wholly devoured, rancid digestion. Sadistic revenge. Legions suffer my predation. Crossing my fucking path means eternal rest - Put to death. Predator to prey upon the weakest of offerings. Killing for the pleasure, devouring to survive. Anointed by the devil to terminate those meant to die. Architects of detritus, devising common filth to contaminate the masses - Destined for eradication. Thy obscene majesty. #Devourment #BrutalDeathMetal #ObsceneMajesty #RelapseRecords