NUCLEAR BLAST PODBLAST - Episode 7: Sabaton, Carnifex, Venom Inc (OFFICIAL NB PODCAST)

SABATON, CARNIFEX and VENOM INC are the guests on the seventh episode of the Nuclear Blast Podblast! Also available at SUBSCRIBE to Nuclear Blast on YouTube: 00:00 Intro...Welcome 02:25 THY ART IS MURDER "Make American Hate Again" 05:35 Break 06:55 Venom Inc Interview 15:45 VENOM INC "Metal We Bleed" 21:00 DESTRUCTION "Born To Perish" 26:20 Break - July/Aug Releases 29:15 TURILLI/LIONE RHAPSODY "Zero Gravity" 33:30 Classic Blast Cut - EXODUS "Impaler" 2004 38:55 Break - Vinyl Releases 41:45 Sabaton Interview Segment 1 49:20 SABATON "7 Pillars Of Wisdom" 52:20 Sabaton Interview Segment 2 56:20 SABATON "Attack Of The Dead Men" 1:00:05 Break - September Releases 1:06:00 CARNIFEX "World War X" 1:10:20 Carnifex Interview Segment 1 1:15:15 CARNIFEX "This Infernal Darkness" 1:24:15 Break - Wrap Up 1:25:55 Classic Blast Cut - DIMMU BORGIR "Masses For A New Messiah" 1999 Sabaton's new album, The Great War, is out now! Order at Carnifex's new album, World War X, is out now! Order at Venom Inc's new album, Avé, is out now! Order at Order any of the albums from the songs featured in this episode at FOLLOW SABATON Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Spotify: Sabaton YouTube: Sabaton History YouTube: FOLLOW CARNIFEX Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: On Tour: Spotify: FOLLOW VENOM INC Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Spotify: FOLLOW NUCLEAR BLAST Like: Follow: Instagram: Spotify: Podblast: