The Ratchets - "Dotard At The Dial" (Official Music Video)

The Ratchets - "Dotard At The Dial" (Official Music Video). Order "Essentials" now: Off the band's latest album, "First Light," out Nov. 9th on Pirates Press Records! You can hardly stand the morning TV shows In that oval office sitting all alone They’ve got your head on a platter You think you're tearing it up each and every day Keeping things all safe here in the U.S.S.A. But all of us know better Inside you're laughing at their poor man’s clothes Still they crowd around you like a flock of birds Cause you're selling fake nostalgia But what if the joke was on you all along Cause no one here is dancing to your favorite song You’re by yourself on the dance floor Surprise when you pick up your phone Another dotard at the dial with nuclear codes Just a dotard at the dial Imaginations running wild Just a dotard at the dial ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------