ANGER AS ART Release Lyric Video for "Hammer, Blade and Twisting Fire"

Brand new live single "Hammer, Blade And Twisting Fire" from Los Angles thrash metal artist "Anger As Art"! From their forthcoming sixth installment due out on "Malevolence Records" in November 2018, entitled "Fast As Fuck!"........ ------ Hammer, Blade And Twisting Fire available on Bandcamp - https://malevolencerecords.bandcamp.c... ------ Lyrics: In the age of miracles Set the course & raise the sails All eyes on resurrection Bring the crucifix & nails Come & see my Devolution Cross, Star, & Caliphate Righteous slaughter, my devotion My god demands your dying breath Your destruction, my devotion Holy praise & downward..... Hammer, crimson guilding The holy killing floor Paradise of, of ashes Top villains, heroes, scars In one last Hallelujah I watch the air ignite In broken screams resounding I swear you'll hear my final rite Confusion, phosphate powder Bare the witness of my power Legions dead in righteous passion Lose the lesson, praise the lashes This holy kill desire Hammer, Blade and Twisting Fire Hail, horror increasing This holy dying season A crop of rotting martyrs Forgive & take for treason Salvation existence Listens to no resistance In shrapnel, in sorrow Beckons our brave tomorrow Full destruction, phosphate powder Bare the witness of my power Praise the lord with ammunition Sudden praise & supposition Hammer, Blade & Twisting Fire Praise the name & crush the liar ------ Anger As Art: Steve Gaines - Vocals, Guitars Eric Bryan - Vocals, Bass Dan Oliverio - Guitars, Vocals Rob Alaniz - Drums, Vocals ------ Anger As Art Contact Info: YouTube: ReverbNation: Twitter: Facebook: Metal Archives: ------ Disclosure: ℗ + © 2018 Anger As Art / Malevolence Records. Written, recorded, and performed by Anger As Art. All rights reserved. Any unauthorized duplication, replication, production of this video, audio, artwork, content, and or material is prohibited by applicable law(s). # MR-017

ANGER AS ART Release Lyric Video for "Hammer, Blade and Twisting Fire"

Pre-orders now available for new live album - Fast As Fuck!

Pasadena (CA) - L.A. Thrashers ANGER AS ART have released a lyric video for "Hammer, Blade and Twisting Fire." The single is the latest to be released from the band's upcoming live album, Fast as Fuck!

Check out "Hammer, Blade and Twisting Fire" at

Los Angeles' purveyors of Thrash Metal violence ANGER AS ART are releasing their first live album (and sixth release overall) November 23 on Malevolence Records. The appropriately titled Fast as Fuck! includes a total of 16 incendiary tracks, including 13 career-spanning songs recorded live February 3, 2018 at ChiCali Lounge in Monterey Park, CA, and three new studio cuts as a bonus (one of which is a cover of MONTROSE's "Matriarch"). 

Pre-order Fast as Fuck! now at

"Vicious Intent" is available for streaming/purchase on Bandcamp, and can also be streamed on Soundcloud and ReverbNation. "Vicious Intent" will eventually be made available on most digital and streaming platforms such as iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, CD Baby, Amazon Music, Deezer, etc.

Fast as Fuck! was was produced and engineered by Ronald Sandoval whose work is also credited on the band's previous release Ad Mortem Festinamus. The bonus songs were recorded at Rev Studios in Chino, CA during Summer 2018.
Track Listing
1. Gods of Hate
2. Aim for the Heart
3. I Create Your God
4. Tombward
5. Unknowing Undead
6. Race for the War
7. Time Devours Life
8. The Crush
9. Hammer Blade and Twisting Fire
10. Two Minutes Hate
11. Dim Carcosa
12. Never Forgive, Never Forget
13. Head of the Snake
14. Everybody Dies (Bonus Studio Track)
15. Vicious Intent (Bonus Studio Track)
16. Matriarch (Bonus Studio Track)*

*Montrose cover


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