Meadows End - The Grand Antiquation (OFFICIAL TEASER #1)

Meadows End are pleased to announce their new album The Grand Antiquation Out Coming 2019 CD/Digital Follow Meadows End Keep an eye for next Chapter in November

Meadows End present a first teaser of upcoming album THE GRAND ANTIQUATION!

THE GRAND ANTIQUATION Meadows End’s fourth studio album will be released through Black Lion Records in early 2019

The Grand Antiquation contains eight new tracks and the band comments: “This is our most polished album by far. The production standard is on a whole new level and the tracks are thought through from beginning to end. We had a better idea of what we wanted to accomplish already when we started writing so we greatly feel that the choruses are better, the song structures are better, the diversity and variation is better.

We are very proud to be able to release this together with Black Lion Records and we’re eagerly looking forward to this new chapter of Meadows End!”

Drums and bass guitar are recorded in Crehate Studios by Oscar Nilsson. Guitars are recorded at home and reamped in Crehate Studios by Oscar Nilsson. Orchestrations are recorded at Robin’s home studio. Vocals are recorded at Studio Rex by Mats Helli. The album is mixed and mastered in Crehate Studios by Oscar Nilsson. (Engel, Mustasch, Hank von Hell)

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