Reflect Love Back, "Who I Am" (Official Music Video)

© 2019 Written and Recorded by Josh & Lacey Sturm. Music Video Edited and Directed by: Christian Seibert From the 12-Week Video Devotional Series. Now available at Additional Vocalists: Brad McKoy, Gerry Toczek, Katy Westra, Amy McKoy, Abigail Mckoy, Jenna Biernesser, Corina Hall, Saria Dorsey, Joelene Sturm, Gianna Baum, Josh Sturm, Lee Skopp, Lydia Hall, Cody Weber, Stephana Siebert Lyrics: You speak beautiful things about my beginnings, humble beginnings and my ending never ending, eternity within me I will abide in Your words, Most beautiful I've ever heard Since you believe in me, I become Everything you say about me. I have decided to bring you everything I’ve ever heard, I’ve ever known I have decided to bring you all I am everything I think I am So now I've decided to believe because you said believe and whatever you say, that’s what I will be Whatever you say that I will do, that's what I will do and I will prove that whatever you say, that's who I am That's who I am I am laying down everything I ever heard everything I’ve ever known and I won’t pick it up again I will be filled with every word that you've ever spoken of me That will be my food and that will be my drink And I will be, and I will be whatever you say that I will be I will be whatever you say Night and day, night and day I will drink and I will eat what you say Night and day, night and day