Mayday Parade - Looks Red, Tastes Blue (Official Music Video)

Purchase, download & stream "Sunnyland" here: This is the longest day I’ve ever had I’m far away but I am right there If distance only makes you stronger Don’t make it last any longer My mind is racing and it won’t stop And every thought is something negative I hope this doesn’t last forever We’re always meant to be together I won’t lie, this hurts more than you’ll ever know That’s when something told me that if I pinch myself so that I wake That means it never really happened ‘Cause I can feel my tears finding their way I fear it’s worse than I imagined I’m sick of writing every thought out Reliving every single moment Say what you mean, it’s now or never Because nothing is forever I won’t lie, this hurts more than you’ll ever know The thought of you all alone Your eyes rolled back as you fade to black It’s not worth living without you But I’ll hold this memory and I swear I won’t forget your face ‘Cause pictures always seem to fade away Now my blood turns red to blue And I can’t breathe without you directed by Marlon Brandope