Coheed and Cambria: The Pavilion (A Long Way Back) [Official Video]

Coheed and Cambria's official video for their track 'The Pavilion (A Long Way Back)' from their new album The Unheavenly Creatures - available now on Roadrunner Records. Listen to The Unheavenly Creatures: Directed by Claudio Sanchez and Dirty Ern Falconer Connect with Coheed and Cambria: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: LYRICS Carried them over your shoulders, you fear The absence, the void you'll cause When you choose to leave them all here There's no turning back, it's time that you steer The wide open stares back alone at the cusp The self that you thought you lost The shine that burned well into rust You can’t hear my voice Cause I'm not loud enough Believe me, when I say It's a long way back from here Goodbye for now Hang on, it’s clear… That the road’s about to get rough Oh, can you hear The ringing, it’s left in my ear Over and over The light hits the dust It's the choice that I've made But for us, I'd choose to give it all up If you want me here Well, then ask me to stay The glistening wet concrete The heat off the road The clamoring hands And the bus you call home This is it? Believe what you want In this space I don't fit Same day repeats With the things that you see Dirty dressing room carpets and broken TVs Is this it? In this water I'll tread 'til the day that I'm dead Goodbye for now Echo, echoes Mile marker Minutes, hours If this it And there is no more And you believe you’re true It's a long way back from here There's no going home