Destrage "Hey, Stranger!" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Buy at: Destrage says: "2019. Superstition tends to take over science, conspiracy over facts, ignorance over information and hatred over tolerance. To talk about one thing, migration is a hot theme today because hey, man is a migratory species. We have the natural tendency to move around. "To those who disagree I ask why would they leave the very room where they were born, because I believe leaving an hospital, crossing the street and entering a park is just like leaving a state, crossing the boarder and entering another state. "Everybody should be able to do that without getting a bullet in the back. "In this film, five anti-heroes go on a crusade to stop the invasion, but there is redemption in the end. Hey, Stranger!" — Credits The Jack Stupid Film Written and directed by Matteo Di Gioia VFX Supervisor - Luis Felipe Bueno Editing and animation - The Jack Stupid Sound Design - Christian “Sadbrodino” Gramaglia Illustration - 42 DPI Tommaso Guarino Tommaso Bonetti Fabio Sabatino Davide Mandini Simone Fuso DoP - Stefano Brandolini DoP assistant - Bartolomeo Balleggi Assistant Director - Stefano Galli Line production - Destrage Production design - Francesco Cazzaniga Backstage - Pietro Forino Thanks to Anna Troccoli, Attilio Paulovich, Fabio Consonni, Bianka Schurina, Giovanna Rondinone, Rossano & Choice Cafè.