TOTENGEFLÜSTER announce third studio album "The Faceless Divine" to be released on, October 11th 2019 via Black Lion Records

Band: Totengeflüster Album: Im Nebel der Vergänglichkeit Date: 2017 Genre: Symphonic Black Metal Country: Germany Buy CD/Shirt: English Lyrics: -Verfall und Siechtum- -Decay And Lingering Illness- Death caresses what is ailing and feeble, reaches out mercyfully for the old, invites to dream in soothing night, the burden of existence eternally averted However no one sees the tender blossom which sprouts within every new grave no one sees the ghastly beauty running in cold veins they jeer always at sleeps brother, of whose semen they were begotten, and cling to the teat, which suckles them with the milk of the lie We are just wind with each breeze we carry the seed towards the gardens, oblivion devoured long ago Here springs splendour is alway blooming, strinking wounds into the diseased world, thirsting it leeches lifeblood out of everything that’s ailing and decaying. Totengeflüster: Facebook: Instagram: Youtube: Pale Essence Music: Facebook: Instagram Site:

German Black Metallers TOTENGEFLÜSTER announce third studio album "The Faceless Divine" to be released on, October 11th 2019 via 
Black Lion Records.


We see this album as a huge step forward for us as indivudals and artists. The upcoming eleven Songs and the whole runningtime of over 50 Minutes will lead you into a more intense and darker direction than we did with our previous albums.

The whole album is produced completely by TOTENGEFLÜSTER including the Mix, Mastering, Recording and Artwork. We work hard to realize this and give you the strongest TOTENGEFLÜSTER album we can deliver!

Stay tuned for detailed informations about constant infos to our production process of ìThe Faceless Divine
- Totleben (June 2019) -
the album will be distributed worldwide under the banner of Black Lion Records and its partners,

More details to follow !

Totengefluster are

EGREGOR- Guitars


13.07.2019 – Offenburg – Stud
24.10.2019 – Fürth – Kopf und Kragen
25.10.2019 – Berlin – Blackland
02.11.2019 – Brackenheim - Epizentrum
08.11.2019 – Lenzburg (CH) – Metbar
09.11.2019 – München – Cafe Dada
07.12.2019 – Auggen – Raumstation Sternen