Neck Deep - She's a God (Official Music Video)

►Download and stream "She's a God" now: ►Shop "She's a God" merch: ►Get your tickets to catch Neck Deep on Tour: --- The official music video for "She's a God," out now on Hopeless Records! Directed by Our World Is Grey --- Lyrics: As we wake up she begins curling up to me in her underwear. And she looks at me with her eyes like planets in a solar flair. She gets dressed, she looks her best with her hair like, everywhere. And it comes to me In a moment of clarity She’s a god She’s a freak like Madonna She’s a god Carry me to nirvana She’s a god Gimme peace, gimme dharma She’s the one Swear to god, she’s the one She’s a god. And everybody’s like “Oh wow, tell me now, how’d you get so spiritual? Did you go Far East, see the temples and find yourself? Grow your hair out?” And I’m like “Hell nah, I’ve got a girl, she performs miracles, Are you cynical cuz I’m her only believer but she’s nothin’ like Jesus?” She’s a god And she walks amongst us on her way to work. I’m her chosen one She’s my deity And she’s saving me. Cuz I’m blinded by my faith for my babe Cuz she’s the reason The reason I say I’ve seen the light burst into colour She is the sun She is the thunder. --- Follow Neck Deep on social media! ►Twitter: ►Facebook: ►Instagram: --- Subscribe to our channel for more videos! Follow Hopeless Records on social media! ► Twitter: ► Facebook: ► Instagram: ► Tumblr: ► Snapchat: @hopelessrecords #neckdeep #poppunk #hopelessrecords