Single By Sunday - Chuck Berry - Johnny B Goode OFFICIAL Cover Music Video

Hey guys, sit back and enjoy our pop punk cover of Chuck Berry - 'Johnny B Goode''. This cover was super fun to make, we had such a blast recording it in the studio. We shot a professional music video for this cover and spent a lot of time and effort to make it as awesome as it can be and we hope that you all enjoy our take on this amazing song! For more music videos. challenges and pranks make sure you subscribe! Filmed by : Darren Girvan Edited by : Jonny Eakins We are Single By Sunday, make sure you LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! Chuck Berry - Johnny B Goode OFFICIAL Cover Music Video | Single By Sunday What was you favourite part of the video? Did you see our music video for Single By Sunday - Say That You Love Me - (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (Other music videos and funny videos coming soon!) Check out the most recent single! Single By Sunday - I Want You (You Want Me) - Follow Single By Sunday: Single By Sunday - ROMEO (Official Music Video) Other videos like this : Johnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry (cover) Jess Greenberg - Larkin Poe | Chuck Berry Cover ("Johnny B Goode") - Johnny B. Goode (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli) - #JohnnyBGoode #ChuckBerry #PopPunk