GOLD FRANKINCENSE & MYRRH (GFM) - Tour Vlogs 23! : we made enemies... (story time)

We had so much celebrating CJ's birthday with everyone this past week! We enjoyed meeting everyone, and we can't wait to meet more of you this summer! TOUR DATES: *Some of the performance footage was taken by Austin Rhoton and Mark English* #GFM #GFMTOURVLOGS 🔔TURN ON OUR NOTIFICATIONS!🔔 👉🏼SUBSCRIBE! 👉🏼LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: @thegfmband 👉🏼FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: @thegfmband 👉🏼FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: @thegfmband 👉🏼ADD US ON SNAPCHAT: @thegfmband https://www.snapchat/add/thegfmband 👉🏼DOWNLOAD OUR NEW EP! 👉🏼LISTEN TO OUR NEW EP! SEND STUFF TO: GFM 450 State Road 13 North Suite 106 Saint Johns, FL 32259