Comrades - "Cliff Dwelling" OFFICIAL VIDEO

Comrades' LP "For We Are Not Yet, We Are Only Becoming" - out now. Apple Music - Spotify - Amazon - Merch - iTunes - Video directed by Kevin Johnson. Lyrics Graven on the edge Of the words my Father said. "You are all that I love. All I’m dreaming of." Bare your teeth, bare your soul. Do not forget I made you, whole. All you ask me for, Every good thing I have is yours. Fire. Famine. Failure. Flood. I drown them in the depths of love. There is nothing life can do to cause me to care less for you. There is nothing. Don’t you see? Its alive in me. Every vale and mountain, You’ll find me in. Don’t you see? Its alive in me. On this you can depend, Over and over again.