Deeds of Flesh - Alyen Scourge (Official Lyric Video)

Artist: Deeds of Flesh Track: Alyen Scourge Album: Nucleus Year: 2020 Label: Unique Leader Records SCROLL DOWN FOR LYRICS Purchase the album and merchandise N. America: Europe: On Bandcamp: https://uniqueleaderrecords.bandcamp.... ______________________________________ LYRICS When the Races were young Before the wars prevailed The elder ones predicted ruination to man Astronomical alignment proposing transformation The dawning of a physical rebirth Lying in the wake unbeknownst to man Was an existential threat to all living beings Derived from the uninhabitable ether A dying species desperate for resurrection For the sole intent to harvest Virvum Engulfing and grasping all that it encounters To rebuild its own civilization Having fled from eradicated planets Seeking self-preservation Determined to sustain and to evolve The growth of its own breed Ālyən usurpers from untouched realms Unleashing superior forms of technology Encroaching spatial vanguards invade Vanguards invade The dawn of the next disguised in cozen pods Schemes of deception to harness life’s energies Having ability to render man obsolete Invasion ingrains their insidious deeds They unleashed the “Xeno-Virus” Virus! Man's forced to face the terror We are the perfect species to harvest To infect, to deplete, to destroy To infect, to deplete, to destroy