THE HOLY ONES releases a new single and music video titled The Calm

The Holy Ones is a progressive garage rock/psychedelic dark pop quartet from Helsinki, Finland. "The Calm" is the 3rd single from The Holy Ones upcoming album to be released in 2019. ________________________________ Available worldwide in all major digital & streaming services: Spotify: iTunes: CDBaby: Amazon: ________________________________ Contact/Press/Booking: Home: Facebook: ________________________________ Music & lyrics: The Holy Ones Produced: Japa & The Holy Ones Recorded: Tanu Kallio Mixed by Tanu Kallio & Japa. Mastered: Alho Audio Mastering, Jarno Alho. Video/edit/cut: Japa (c) The Holy Ones The Holy Ones logo: Petrus Manner Release: The Holy Ones/TRAD REC. The Holy Ones Täxi - Voc Japa - Gtrs Juuso - Bass Aku - Drums & Percussion

THE HOLY ONES releases a new single and music video!

The Holy Ones, a new Helsinki-based psychedelic garage rock band from Finland, releases a new single and video titled The Calm.The Calm is a epic trip to a desert which will lead you to space and leave you there until the next stop...
Check out the new video from here.

The forthcoming album and the new single are recorded in a “old school” style live, at the bands rehearsal studio in Helsinki. The single is part of the debut album, which will be released in 2019 by the bands own label.

The CalmSpotify / YouTube / Deezer / CDBaby / Amazon

…and Still They Ride: Spotify / YouTube /

Täxi – Vocals
Japa – Guitars
Juuso – Bass
Aku - Drums