METHEDRAS - "The Ventriloquist" Out 7 December 2018 via Massacre Records

"A Deal With The Devil" is featured on METHEDRAS' upcoming album "The Ventriloquist" - out on December 7, 2018 via Massacre Records. Get the album here » Video directed by Maurizio Del Piccolo (Moviedel Italia - Please feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel: Connect with us on Spotify: (Official Massacre Records ebay Store) Full Credits Director: Maurizio Del Piccolo (Moviedel Italia - Make-Up: Olga Sammarini Model: Sharon Gein Grißmitt Photo: Silvia Belloni Video: Sergio Colleoni Sponsor: Andrea Ravasio (AR Brewering) First Row Zombies: Andrea Viganò Chiara Pannocchia Digiacomo Gabriele Kolaz Lorenza Baudelaire Other Zombies: Anna Zapalovskaya Anny Zen Coronalux CarpeDiem EleOnore Damien Mario Cocuccio Danilo Lomazzi Dario Saccani Fabio Lo Porto Giorgia Papi Jai Ambrosioni Maya Dutt Patrizia Quorra Pantano Simone Clementi #methedras #thrashmetal #deathmetal #theventriloquist

The Ventriloquist
Massacre Records
7 December 2018

Italian death metal act Methedras has announced the release of "The Ventriloquist", a concept album focused on the horror movie "Dead Silence", available from December 7th via Massacre Records. "The Ventriloquist" was produced by Simone Mularoni (Eldritch, Trick Or Treat, DGM...). The band says: “'The Ventriloquist' is the new exciting chapter of our discography. Whose characteristic is the research of brand new elements to put into our sound, like more melody and 'catchy' refrains, and the deepening of some others already heard in our music, like more developed electronic in each song, for a final result that doesn’t betray the band’s tradition. We are sure that our fans will like it and it can also bring new ones!”.
Artwork by Maurizio Piccinelli, on the same footprint of the mastermind Seth Siro
 (Septicflesh, Moonspell, Exodus, Kamelot, Soilwork, Caliban, Dagoba), who took
personally care of the previous release “System Subversion”, released in 2014 through Pavement Entertainment, the reborn historic American label previously called Pavement Music.
With over 22 years of career without a single break, 5 full-length albums and many tours around the World (Europe, Asia, US and South America), Methedras are ready to conquer the metal audience with this new interesting album, "The Ventriloquist".