Captain Caravan - Shun the Sun (2018) (New Full Album)

Captain Caravan - Shun the Sun (New Full Album) Captain Caravan were formed in 2015 in Egersund, Norway. Shun the Sun is their debut full album. On ‘Shun The Sun’ you will find an unpretentious uppercut to the established horde of stoner/desert/fuzz rock bands as Captain Caravan kicks in the door and claims the crown as the new overlords of riff-heavy, metal-capped stonerized desert rock with melodies so infectious they will keep you humming long after album closer “Book Of Oblivion” takes home the last trump card. But don’t take our words for it, go take a listen to for instance the title track or “Shadow King” to realize the maturity, musicality and “surplus” the four captains of the caravan play with. Fans of such heavy hitters as Sasquatch, Mountain Dust, Greenleaf, Dozer and Wo Fat will find plenty to love on the Kent Stump mixed and mastered ‘Shun The Sun’. Captain Caravan, Geir Solli (bass), Johnny Olsen (vocal), Morten Skogen (drums) and BK Sæstad (guitar, make no bones about the influences that have formed their sound and nor, as listeners, should we. especially as the sound these guys make together is some of the finest heavy "classic" orientated rock that has come out of Norway in a long time.. Another feather in the bands cap is managing to get studio maestro and Wo Fat guitarist/vocalist Kent Stump to put the finishing touches to "Shun The Sun", his renowned mixing skills giving songs like "Illusion of Meaning", "Zombie Machine" and "Book of Oblivion" not only a huge bombastic feel but also a clarity often not associated with albums released under the underground rock banner. Musicianship throughout "Shun The Sun" is of the highest calibre with sterling performances from all involved, Sæstad's guitar when not tearing out searing solo's splutters and crunches with raucous chordal colouring while Solli's booming growling bass,combines with Skogen's punchy, powerful percussion to form a backdrop of solid. tight rhythm many bands would give their right arms for. Over this groovalicious foundation of swaggering heavy rock Olsen contributes gritty strong and powerful vocals, telling the bands stories with unbridled passion in tones dripping with gravitas. Review by Frazer Jones 1. Crown - 0:00 2. Illusion of Meaning - 5:45 3. Shun the Sun - 11:14 4. Godkiller - 17:49 5. Zombie Machine - 20:52 6. Shadow King - 26:37 7. Dirty Red Velvet - 32:13 8. Book of Oblivion - 35:37 Support Captain Caravan by purchasing the album here https://cursedtonguerecords.bigcartel... Support the continued funding of this channel, become a Patreon Check out Stoned Meadow Of Doom 2 for more excellent full albums! - Facebook Page Join the SMOD Nation Facebook Group!