Moviestar featuring Professor Elemental - The Present

Ever considered what might happen if a post-pop-punk band from the future jumped in a worm hole to go back to the present in order to musically engage with a rhyming wordsmith from the past who's somehow skipped forward in time to the year 2018? A possibly confusing concept, but one we've all most certainly considered at some point in our lives. Now this scenario is a reality thanks to some science busting know-how by everyone's favourite band from the future Moviestar along side steampunk rapper most extraordinary Professor Elemental. What may sound like an unlikely combination proves to be more fruitful than a bath of bananas as Moviestar bring forth shiny coloured sci-fi pop straight outta 5523, taking the esteemed Professor Elemental along for the ride who marvels at this cartoon wonderland where anything can happen. Appropriately titled The Present, this one-off collaboration is an infectiously positive look at the world we live in through rainbow-tinted specs. The past is a present to the present from the future! Directed: Viktoria Winge Written: Bård Ingebrigtsen & Viktoria Winge Camera: Ben Simon Edited: Bård Ingebrigtsen & Viktoria Winge Produced: Viktoira Winge, Bård Ingebrigtsen, Marita Igelkjøn, Emily Dean, Paul Alborough Costume/Makeup/Props. Marita Igelkjøn & Emily Dean Time Travel Agency Designer: Jack Pullman Colour Correction: Kristoffer Amundsen Special thanx too James Dean and the extras: Extras John Loud, Susie Milbank, Barry Tinkler And the man who came with the awsome Steam Punk car.


From the ashes of the metal wars rose a new breed of musicians. They swore to protect and serve all things sacred in music. They were soldiers from the future, traveling back in time to change the course of mandkind for the better. They fought with swords held high in hand! They were undefeatable! They were MOVIESTAR! The legacy begins NOW! MOVIESTAR's current location on earth is in the land of Norwegian. Though the members originate from the distant future: Infinity Vik on vocal, el-ukulele and kazoo ( the noble guardian of time) - The Octupus Godess on effected-autoharp, bass-pedals, el-guitar and casio-vocals (keeper of the cosmic interval calculator.): - Anaconda on drums and battery (aka man love and war revered by all female earthlings.) These beings make music in the genres of Space Blues with Punk-Poetry, Sci-Fi Rock, and Twin-Peaks ballads.