Shylmagoghnar - Transience (Full Album) (OFFICIAL)

Atmospheric/Melodic Blackened Death from the Netherlands 1. Transience 0:00 2. The Dawn of Motion 12:10 (instrumental) 3. As All Must Come to Pass 19:56 4. This Shadow of the Heart 27:03 5. The Chosen Path 31:12 (instrumental) 6. No Child of Man Could Follow 37:15 7. Journey Through the Fog 49:15 8. Life 59:23 (instrumental) Shylmagoghnar is: Nimblkorg: Music, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Synths, additional vocals Skirge: Vocals, Lyrics Guest performance by Ramon Bertrand: Trombone on The Chosen Path If you enjoy our work, please consider supporting us by buying it and/or sharing it with others! It helps us tremendously in the creation of future albums. BUY OUR MUSIC HERE: or send us a message! Visit us on: Artwork & Animation by Minghao Xu: Production, mix & master by Nimblkorg ©Napalm Records 2018 HOW DO I PRONOUNCE SHYLMAGOGHNAR? Like this! Shylmagoghnar is a Dutch metal project founded by Skirge and Nimblkorg. A home-produced and self-distributed debut album "Emergence" was released in February 2014. The album "Transience" was created in the same fashion and is intended to be the spiritual follow-up of the debut. It was released on the 29th of June 2018 through Napalm Records. The project originally started out as atmospheric black metal, but over the years the sound took on a life of its own. Death metal, doom and other genres have left their impression. No matter how you would define it, it comes from the bottom of our hearts and we hope you will experience the music as a personal journey! Many thanks go out to all of you who have made the creation of this album possible - we are forever grateful.