Sharptooth "No Sanctuary" Official Music Video

iTunes: CD/Vinyl/Merch: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Directed by Anthony Altamura & Alex Seefried "No Sanctuary" Lyrics The words you say, the hate you feel, the lives you stole. A bigot’s life becomes another’s body toll. Those words can kill, you hold the blame, ‘cause homophobia creates An atmosphere that feeds into another person’s hidden hate Cause every person who holds hate inside their heart: You are complicit every time the shooting starts. If you think you can walk the world a blameless man It doesn’t matter if the gun was in your hand. So when you speak perhaps you think that you have the power to save, But all you’ve done is justify the ones who’d see us to our grave. So when you see all of our bodies on the floor You can give thanks unto your motherfucking lord. Every single bigot pastor Ought to know that they’re to blame Every heinous word you preach You ought to know you can’t repay. I hope you meet your savior And he won’t let you be saved. The hate that’s in your heart Is digging someone else’s grave. Every single second That you spend creating hate Is another lie, another life That wasn’t yours to take. So if you think your words are harmless Tell that to those who are dead. Every time that you say “faggot” Is a bullet through my head. Bullet through my Bullet through my Bullet through my Bullet through my head.