Twitching Tongues "Kill for You" (OFFICIAL)

Buy Here: Twitching Tongues "Kill for You" from the album "Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatred". Lyrics: Sudden flash of light, to guide me through the night. A voice inside, that I could have sworn had died. I was wrong, I should known it all along. This is my will. For you I would kill. My blood flows at the pace of your embrace. Never could I prepare, for a bond I thought so rare. Now here we are, both of us deeply scarred. But do you see? I would kill anyone if you asked it of me. (Chorus) Seasons change, but don't affect the way I feel about you. You've given me everything, now I'll give the devil your due. Yeah, your beauty overtook my world with just one look. I've nothing left to see, I'll remain your devotee. Still you ask why. We've loved and cried and mourned enough to die. But all I need is the life you've given me. (Chorus) Say the word and I will tear the flesh from those who harm you. You've given me everything, now tell me who I can kill for you. (Solo: T. Young) Do you see me? Do you hear me? I'm afraid I must confess. I've no regrets or reservations. Never will I second guess. I can feel it. All around me. Eternal warmth of your caress. No armor can protect me from the weapon you possess. (Hair blowing in the wind on a mountaintop solo: Martin)