Nightshade - Brothers In Arms

New album "1426" available on 16th February 2018 Pre-order HERE : Digital: Physical: Lyrics: I can feel the shadows rising up around me, Devouring my soul and my heart! My choice is left between a bottle or a rope. I'm scared to say, it would still be better than waking up! My own thoughts scare me. I don't even want to breathe anymore. My dreams have become nightmares, Nightmares become reality. My life continues with little will! I just want it gone! I just want it done! But you're here, giving me your hand. You want me to stand, even when I can't. I was left for dead revived by my friends strength. Brother in arms, it is what we're meant to be. My strength encouraging me, setting me free from my demons. NO! Lemme down, lemme drown! I don't deserve it! NO! Lemme cry, lemme die! I'm not even worth it! NO! Lemme down, lemme drown! I don't deserve it! NO! Lemme cry, lemme die! Unlike the others, I'm not even worth it! We're against the grain, but you kept me fighting. Lift me up, my crutch to keep me going. Because you're the true heroes, The reason I still feel the glow! And i want to thank you for everything you did. From the bottom of my heart it means a lot to me. Even if it's just a word, or just a smile, the future is still alive, and there is finally hope that I'll be fine! Artwork by: Adam Jefkins Video by: Dimz / Produced, Recorded, Edited by Bastien Deleule At Nalcon Studio, Brest, France. Mixed and mastered by Alex Orta and Bastien Deleule at Dreamy Studio, Lille, France.