In Evil Hour - Binding Ropes (Promo)

In Evil Hour - Binding Ropes Taken from the upcoming album 'Lights Down' out 02.08.2017 through Snayle Records. Pre Order Here: Song: Recorded by Chris Davison Produced and Mastered by Daly George Lyrics: There was a time when all these values were held dear I see it in the pictures and the cards you brought me And all these pillars seem to crumble, built on this pretence But I won’t accept that all this blood and pain was all misspent If we can’t be the better ones Then we maybe shouldn’t be at all We’re always following a leader But who are we to make the call I can’t help but shed a tear When I picture what this could have been I’m always filled with crushing fear When I think of what will come to be Now comes a moment when all the opposed align And we all stand fractured by all our own design And all these disparate screams have built this stunning edifice But common ground that’s found remains just frail at best All your rights are now cut back The binding ropes are growing slack An unsupported precipice All dizzy at the edge Our final gasp will be your last And once we’re gone we can’t go back Spent so long papering cracks Backs turned to the attack Facebook: InEvilHour Twitter: @In_Evil_Hour Instagram: @InEvilHour