Fireflight "I WON'T LOOK BACK" Lyric Film (OFFICIAL)

“I Won’t Look Back” is inspired by John 10:10 and arrives in the wake of the #metoo social media movement that has given birth to the voice of those that have been victims of sexual misconduct. We wanted this song to be an empowering anthem, meant to help break the binds of those who have suffered abuse. God doesn't want His children to live the rest of their lives trapped in the past, living as victims of tragedy and abuse. Jesus came that we would all have life and have it to the full! Download Now!!! Produced by ATD Media Directed by Joel Burris Released in Partnership with Keep It Loud I WON'T LOOK BACK Verse 1 I was feeling powerless searching for a sign When I heard you whisper Lies are like an hourglass running out of time You played me to shame me, breaking me, taking me over Chorus I’ve come to take back what was stolen, your power is broken I'll drop a match in the shadow, as you explode, I won't look back Verse 2 Cornered by your cowardice, a victim by design You hide in my silence Now I know I have a voice, my eyes are open wide This fiction has ended, your words are all burning to ashes Bridge Light it up I won't look back