Syberia "Seeds of Change" live studio performance (Blacklight Media)

Order at: The title track from Syberia's "Seeds of Change" album out on Blacklight Media Records. Oscar Linares Rovira: Guitar Jordi Crespo Espert: Guitar / Synths Joaquim Torres González: Bass Oscar Caselles Perez: Drums Syberia craft intricate and involving post-rock opuses, and they have never sounded more assured than on Seeds Of Change. Following in the footsteps of Caspian, Mogwai and Russian Circles, their instrumental works are complex yet instantly accessible, weighty, gorgeously melodic, and always deeply moving. "At first, we didn't have a clear concept for the record, and we also didn't have a predetermined idea on what kind of musical direction it was to take. Once we started working on each song, the ideas started flowing and we weren't shy about trying different things and approaching soundscapes we hadn't explored previously. The pieces started fitting with each other by themselves, and each song's identity finally became a part of a very powerful whole." Certainly, whether experienced as individual tracks or as an album in its entirety, "powerful" is a good word to describe the music that they have created, marking a high point in an already impressive career. Broadening the spectrum of emotion demonstrated on 2016's Resiliency, Seeds Of Change is triumphant, edgy, soothing, urgent, haunting, aggressive, nostalgic and so much more - every song featuring a diverse array of tones and moods, and all of them flowing seamlessly together. "We have always liked combining elements like darkness, fragility and strength. The contrasts they create are a core part of our lives and they become very apparent in our music. If we had to describe it, we'd say this is a dark, delicate and powerful record. However, it's full of smoother passages which make it dynamic." Pick any track and these shifting elements are apparent - "Beirut" progressing from frail and beautiful passages into something more muscular, the desperation of "After The Uprising", or the steadily evolving cinematic soundscape of closer "Shigir" all cover so much ground. The decision to feature synths more heavily also opened up new avenues for the band to explore, employing far more orchestral and choral elements in their sound, which will play a larger part in their future live shows too. "We locked ourselves up in the practice place for most of 2018, playing each song over and over again, working to develop them until we got them exactly where we wanted. We finished writing the last song just a few days before we went into the studio in December, so it was a very intense process." #syberia #seedsofchange #instrumetal