Cortége - "Horizons" (official audio)

Track from Cortége 'Capricorn' (September 27, 2019). Austin (TX) - Post-Western Doom/Drone Duo Cortége features Mike Swarbick and Adrian Voorhies (ex-Canyon of the Skull, ex-Humut Tabal) who together create a listening experience that is at once heavy, experimental, and utterly cinematic, a primary feature thereof the captivate tones of tubular bells, as well as Roland string synthesizer, Moog Taurus synthesizer, and waterphone. Exploring the wide dynamic between the two players, Capricorn is a monster work and the most musically varied recording to date. Although keeping the traditional instrumental theme throughout, the album explores the story of a misguided and waylaid explorer of space and his experiences in a foreign world. Complete with a fully illustrated comic book insert to help listeners along in the story and an accompanying music video directed by Lake Travis Film Festival founder and director Kat Albert, the record takes the band's deepest influences to a wide and poignant actualization. The vinyl LP version of Capricorn features beautiful transparent white vinyl, and includes a comic book by Dan Marschner detailing the story and concept of the album via gorgeous illustrations inspired by sci-fi pop art of decades past. FFO: Earth, Hawkwind, Bell Witch, Ennio Morricone, King Crimson Track Listing: 1. Aurora 2. The Watch 3. Occultation 4. Horizons 5. Capricorn Album Credits: Produced by Cortége Engineered by Kevin Sparks III in Austin, Texas Mastered by Margaret Luthar at Chicago Mastering Service Photography & Layout by Thomas Blom Additional artwork by Jim Webb This record is dedicated to John Entwistle & Keith Moon Cortége plays Serek basses and Sonor drums Cortège is: Mike Swarbrick - Bass Guitar, Synthesizers, Percussion & Tape Delay Adrian Voorhies (ex Canyon of the Skull, ex Humut Tabal) - Drums Uploaded with permission from Cortége for promotional purposes.