Can't Swim "Filthy Rich (feat. Spencer Pollard)" Official Music Video

Music & Merch: Spotify: iTunes: Follow Can't Swim Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Filthy Rich Lyrics I plead the 5th it’s all I could do you left a trace DEGENERATE I signed the bill and covered your name oh, what a waste DEGENERATE is blood really thicker than the water you drink? and was I your first choice or did you have to think? swearing on the book, you didn’t know it was wrong well it made you filthy rich, I guess you knew all along your god complex, I’m not impressed I saw what you became I can play the perfect part in your game (hey man what's really going on here?) it’s not my place to critique any words that you say (I’m not sure but it’s really seeming unclear) the power of the pen is mightier than the sword: an arms race but don’t you stick your fucking check in my face think about it, could it be you? if the tables were to turn, would you know what to do? looked me in the eyes, stabbed me right in the back I was in the courtroom while you were counting your stacks your god complex, I’m not impressed I saw what you became obviously running out of patience let’s just face it tables turned I know you couldn’t take it let’s just face it we’re relatives, but we can’t relate I’m nothing like you and I never will be burn in hell Directed by Matthew Lyons / Director of Photography : Shane Scherholz Assistant Director : Hunter Siede Gaffer : Dan White Key Grip : Dan Brady Camera Op, 1st AC : Rick Cook Camera Op, 2nd AC : Alex Ayabe Grip : Harvey Lacsina Make up Artist : Han Ly Cast: Na’im Kiah-Cook, Jamie Mango, Nicholas Castagna, Allyson Kovach, Destini Locorriere, Sean McMenamin, Sarah Phung, Kylie Dorcy