Bloodbather - End (Official Music Video)

Stream/download "End" here: Stay connected with the band. Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: detaching all your senses, as blood drips from the wounds. breaking every bone, digging at the marrow. there is no hesitation, when i look you in the eyes. as i kill you where you stand. as i cut short your fucking pulse. this is my time. ill have my way. ill have my way ill put you down when you are - one step closer to the end. one step closer to the fucking end. can you make this dream come true? this is justice. this is fate. know your fucking place: that is on your knees. begging for all this to stop. euphoric sensation from your pain. pleasure from your agony. one step closer to the end. you will hear me cursing at your grave. cursing every breath at your grave. shoving my nails in your eyes. pushing pushing till you die. shoving my nails in your eyes. carving carving now you're mine. now you're mine now you're fucking mine. Video By: Afflux Studios Mix/Master: Brandan Lopez