Bayside - Interrobang (Official Music Video)

►Pre-order 'INTERROBANG' now: ►Listen to "Interrobang" on Spotify: ►Listen to "Interrobang" on Apple Music: --- The official music video for "Interrobang" off Bayside's new album 'INTERROBANG,' available 10/4 on Hopeless Records! Directed by Megan Thompson Director of Photography Jon-Michael Mooney Art and Set Design by Tim Bedwell Color by Jerimiah Morey --- Lyrics: Hey there sister christian Can you see the mountains in the distance? And how all their chests puff out As if to show they’re sure. They’re proud. If confidence is in the chest I’d never take a single breath I keep my secrets up my sleeve And cut my arms off just to sleep I lost my mind there, typical And now it’s happening all the time So typical So wake me up and keep me strong Put my bones where they belong Oh, happy days are here again But I’ve spent them all in bed Interrobang I am on a mission To lose this sorry disposition I know there’s truth in lies But I’m so tired of nursing mine I’ve always had more pride than sense A little expletiving prince The winter of my discontent begins Oh, how I’ve longed for this --- Follow Bayside on social media! Subscribe to our channel for more videos! Follow Hopeless Records on social media! #bayside #interrobang